Meadow Theme

Meadow Theme

Enjoy the natural beauty of a meadow on your mobile


  • Cheerful nature image


  • No real changes to the Pocket PC menus


I don't know about you, but there's nothing I like better than rolling around in a lush green meadow on a hot summer's day.

Unfortunately for many of us though, this scene is a rare one due to the constraints of the city/weather/hay fever.

Don't worry though, because you can enjoy the beauty of this idillic world on your Pocket PC thanks to this pretty theme.

It adds a bright background image to your Today screen featuring wild grass beneath a blue sky, in much the same vein as the default 'Bliss' wallpaper for Windows XP.

The photograph is certainly striking and, for me, evokes many memories of larking about in fields as a kid.

The theme doesn't radically change the menus and toolbars of the Windows Mobile interface, but the Start menu looks nice with a transparent background and black text making the menu items clear to read.

Meadow Theme is a Pocket PC theme created using ThemeMaker McDeb. This particular theme will give your mobile device a spring-like feel. It adds a background image featuring a photo of a lush, green meadow on a sunny day.

Meadow Theme


Meadow Theme

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